Balancing Life and Money

Undoubtedly this is the era of money, everything is becoming artificial and mechanical. Nowadays happiness has to buy in the form of Physical things.

Despite all this, we all are in dilemma that money is not the real happiness or could not satisfy us wholeheartedly but our surroundings emphasize us to go for it as the primary aspects of life.

Yes, this is true that the process to earn money forces you to spend most of your day time in front of laptop under the internet, late-night work, unhealthy food, etc.

"money is not feasible"

Here we are trying to identify the reasons behind the unhealthiness of lifestyle. We want to discuss money management in daily life in an ethical way.

Outlook Survey-

Here we are providing some data to understand how the modern working culture is affected our life completely.

The survey is conducted by Outlook Magazine among different metropolises, metro, and remote cities in India.

  • Average Working hours in the metropolis cities - 8.3 hours

  • Average Working hours in remote cities are - 8.8 hours.

  • 13% say they have to work 10 hours and 27% of people do office work at home.

  • Working efficiency is good in the metropolis cities than in the metro and remote cities.

  • Around 67% of people above the age of 35 are facing bad sex life due to tiredness of overwork.

  • One-Third of them are getting depressed. 37% have a sleeping disorder and 76% can't concentrate on their work.

  • 61% of people can't spend time with their families.

The survey shows the problems from the modern working lifestyle are more in the metros and remote cities than in the metropolis cities.

Reasons for unbalance life –

Sleeping Disorder – an average person sleeps 7-8 hours daily which has reduced to 4-5 hours. 90% of people think that they are not having sufficient sleep.

The other issue with sleep is deep sleep. around 75% of people say they can't get complete restful sleep.

So much Dependability on gadgets and smartphones has become the biggest reason for sleeping disorders and migration.

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Eating Disorder – The digestive system depends on the timing of the meal and directly this is connected with sleeping habits.

The gap between dinner and sleeping time should be at least 3 hours which is not maintaining by the professionals. Around 24% of people are taking the meal only one time in the day.

Management of Everything –

If their no race for money, we could have a better life. So if Money is the problem then Management is the solution. If understood properly there is no problem with money but the way we sacrifice ourselves to earn it.

Maintaining Balance Between Life and Money is about knowing the existence of money in life.

characteristics of Money
Truth behind money

Elements of Prosperity –

“ When we talk about prosperity, It will not only about money, the whole thing is happiness and satisfaction “

Life is full of living moments many of which we got for free and for some we paid. Prosperity in life about balancing between those absolutely free and paid moments.

Time management is one of the important processes to get prosperity in life. It has one simple rule - Do the right thing at the right time.

Money management is important to have a good social life. It is about understanding Personal Finance Management which applies a simple rule in the process - Earn, Expand, Save and Invest.

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