Gullak – The Indian Piggy Bank


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When we were children, We love those guests who gave us money when they were about to leave.

We used to be very happy after getting those coins. The tradition said that they actually give good luck in the form of the money and we were asked to save that good luck into the Gullak the Indian form of Piggybank.

Do you know that the Pig is not associate with the piggy bank! Although we see piggy bank comes as the shape of a pig it has not got its name because of Pig.

The Concept had came-out from Europe between the 11th to 15th centuries. It was the time when the concept of the bank did not exist and people kept their savings in the jars and pots made of the clay called Pygg which Pronounced by people like Pig.

In his book " Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things" Charles Panati had said that people save money in the pots or jar and put them in the kitchen. These jars were called Pygg jars because of Pygg clay and further, they were called Pygg Bank.

For its pronunciation, it has got the shape of a pig and been called the piggy bank.

Now We see Piggy Banks made of different materials like plastic and, for its shape we call them the piggy bank.

Indian Piggy Bank the Gullak, comes in different shapes and mostly made of clay.

Whatever it is, Gullak or Piggy Bank is the first step of humankind toward making finance management, and step by step they learned and developed systematic finance and investment management techniques.

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