Life Will Live

I don't know How and Why, but it is.

As I have grown-up in this human life I have known some secrets of life, Not so mysterious or ultimate truth but very simple secrets.

I got that we even can think simple, think without reason, aimlessly and this thinking process can generate outcomes even very interesting and innovative.

When I was in class 11 I decided to go with art and commerce subjects because I don't want to study those complex formulas of Physics and Chemistry.

I want it simple which I could understand by connecting things with daily life - I could solve all the problems related to it but those days didn't understand the use of the Pythagoras Formula.

Now, I can connect those dots. I got that creativity is in the center of any Knowledge of this universe. You can create and discover anything with the use of the power of your imagination.

My second trip for Knowledge -

I have wasted much time thinking that my mind has lost its capacity to learn new things and the loading capacity of it getting down. But for the last few months, I am feeling like backing up with my ability, and I think this is because I start thinking differently. I have discovered my new interests in knowing and expressing myself in the way I like.

Things like "You can make your own rules" are not only to write and read on books but to say and execute.

I have wasted much time to say that - " Yes, I think like an Artist".

Recently, I came close to two definitions of Art or Artist or Creativity. One from #OlafurEliasson when I watched his episode in the @Abstract series in the #Netflix.

I can't really explain the definition and I think creativity is beyond it - Every color has different impressions on us, that is art, nothing like intelligence or manner it is only the art. We want to see our Idea being executed. These are Ideas turn into art and Whenever we see art, it actually sees us. Your idea also wants to see you. Just go and express it. This is so simple just make your imagination live.

Second from #Sadguru where he was explaining the Result and the Process. Creative people don't bother about the aim, they do whatever they like. They enjoy the process and the result comes itself. The aim in life should be in such a way, that it shouldn't restrict you to jump into next.

I only want to say, we should think in an easy and simple way even, God likes simplicity, It makes everything just like that. In life, everything will happen but you should think to live not to subsist.

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