The Idea Of Idea Box

Our mind thinks, always, restlessly. But what it thinks actually?...

Two things; one it thinks for itself and second we tell it to think...

It sends us the smirking emoji when we tell it to think. Because it is its work and when we try to realize its duty, it got disturbed.

And do you know the truth? mind itself thinks nothing because it doesn’t like to think but to sleep.

“Most of The Great Achievements of Mankind can be Traced to the Creativity and Drive of Free Person” – In Service of The Republic.

Getting of Ideas:

Things, at first sight, look possible, till it is in your mind, it feels good but the idea as face the outer world, it could be many odd things that force us to drop it into the collection of things for work later, if it would be possible.

Ideas never are useless, they may become early than the situations where it will apply with. So they should be somewhere to pick whenever we required them.

Whenever you face any problem and ordered your mind to think the solution, it with its dropping heart look back if it had anything for this.

The mind always wants to think forward, only situations make it back and repeat. So we can say ideas are creativity itself and situations make those ideas into art or solutions.

If you have created the idea box then your mind nothing much to do it will dip into the box and pick the possible one and start thinking from where it left it.

Let the mind sleep:

what, if the box doesn't have any idea for the solution?...

whatever it would be, don’t force your mind to have one instantly . do it yourself and left the mind sleep; what it loves to do.

The mind has three stages. They are like three lifestyles, 1st is a conscious mind - He is a poor guy, always surrounds by tensions and anxieties thus he is poor and dull.

Second is a normal guy the sub-conscious, He also has those tensions but he bears them with a smile and. He knows he is being exploited but he enjoys life whenever he got change. It is an obedient disciple.

The third one is the real super cool dude the unconscious mind. He is very rich as he doesn't have any tension in life. He always in deep sleep and this is the factory of Ideas. It is the most intelligent of all three.

“When the relaxation is complete, the receptivity is greater. When the consciousness is connected to all the senses the receptivity is less”
When you are in deep relaxation ideas comes to you - somewhere I read about an internship where the company was looking to hire people who have the habit of getting asleep easily whenever they ask to be

Keep Idea safe:

So the concept of idea box is that - ideas come to you as bright blinks. When they come you feel energetic and positive. For a few minutes, you think you could make something of it.

The timing would not so perfect for ideas to come, it comes in any way; when you are driving, during any interaction in your dream also.

Ideas are thoughts which require to elaborate further to turn it into the plan than to deploy as the task.

But you can't elaborate on them as they appeared. So drop them into your idea box to work on the later.

What is the ideas box - it could be any space where you put your notes; write down your ideas as a single line creatively.

Sometimes something attracts, it has some hidden thought which may come later when we connect more with it. They would be in the form of images, videos, movies, etc. So you should save those images or links for further interaction.

The best place for the idea box is your smartphone, it always with you whenever you go.

Ideas Relationship with Different similar Factors.

Inspiration vs getting the idea-

I often think if I got inspired by others; by listening to other's thoughts, It will not work for me till I get inspired and motivated by myself.

The best person who can solve my problems in the best way is me because the last decision would always be mine.

But the motivational speakers, motivational movies or any motivational things are not the chatter makes they are the big source of ideas.

You get ideas from outer source and the inspiration comes from your feelings.

Productivity and idea :

They both have a very close relationship. everyone wants to be a doer and to be a doer you have to be productive. To be productive is having a structured plan to do something which could earn you something; Money or reputation.

That structured plan is seeding from an idea.

creativity and Idea:

which comes first? I think creativity. Creativity is for nothing but everything itself and Idea is from somewhere to something.

Creativity is imagining, beyond the possibilities and the idea is constructing productivity under those possibilities.

Creativity is a river and ideas are canals you drag from it to irrigate your field.

Working on an Idea

Ideas are the topics you want to learn and think about. It could be in both ways; productive and non-productive, but every idea will grow your knowledge and ability to think new possibilities.

Creativity is the mother of the idea and the productivity, and in the same way, your failing with any idea makes you think of new possibilities means the u-turn to creativity.

Working on an idea could have the following steps –

- Picking of the Idea

- Sharing the idea with others; the idea would get appreciation or get rejected.

- Work on it until your satisfaction.

- an Idea should have a limited process; starting and ending point.

A business may be started an idea. The idea would get its end by the time, and in the long run, it will require new ideas. Your ideas box will be there to help you.

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